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Smiling Kids at Neil Stone's Karate Academy

Our Little Tigers Program is a great choice for parents looking to give their preschoolers a jumpstart in learning physical, mental and social skills. All in a fun and safe environment!

Ages 2.5 to 4

Junior Program at Neil Stone's Karate Academy

Your child will learn self-defense, bully prevention, and character development in our junior program.

Ages four and up

Teen and Adult Program at Neil Stone's Karate Academy

Our teen and adult program offers a unique, comprehensive curriculum that blends traditional martial arts and self-defense with a strong focus on personal fitness and physical empowerment.

Age 13 and up

Neil Stone's Karate Academy Martial Art for Seniors

Adults of all ages can stay active and healthy! Come and see why senior citizens are choosing the martial arts as an activity to improve their well being and stay mentally and physically engaged well into their golden years.

Uechi Fit at Neil Stone's Karate Academy

A unique blend of martial arts and high-intensity workouts that will leave you feeling stronger and more energized!

Birthday Party

Give your child a birthday experience they will remember for years! Birthday Parties at Neil Stone’s Karate Academy are full-service, professionally run and handled with expert care

Character Development Program at Neil Stone's Karate Academy

Learning life skills through Martial Arts and the Eight Virtues of a Black Belt: modesty, courtesy, integrity, compassion, gratitude, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.

Presentation by Neil Stone's Karate Academy

Neil Stone’s Karate Academy offers a variety of FREE Community Outreach Services on bully prevention, focus, responsibility, citizenship, and many other topics, and workshops in women’s self-defense, adult safety and protection, and techniques to integrate a martial arts mindset into the corporate world.

S.T.O.R.M. Program at Neil Stone's Karate Academy

Neil Stone’s Karate Academy’s Special Team of Role Models

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