A Comprehensive Academy

Sensei Neil Stone’s twenty-five years of teaching experience have allowed us to make NSKA into a full character development center while providing expert instruction in traditional Japanese martial arts. We also offer seminars, demonstrations, classroom presentations and special initiatives for our students, and we go above and beyond to help enhance every aspect of our students’ lives.

Our Dojo

Interior of Neil Stone Karate AcademyIn the fall of 2018, Neil Stone’s Karate Academy moved from our original dojo, in Brookline, New Hampshire, to our new facility in the center of Hollis. Our 6,300-square-foot Academy offers a spacious central training floor, as well as accommodations including a welcome and reception area, an audience room to observe classes, a homework room for children and families, a private parent lounge, changing rooms, restrooms, showers, and numerous staff offices. The entirety of the dojo is kept to the highest standards of cleanliness and care and is built in a flexible, open design that serves to enhance the experiences of our dojo family.

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