Karate helping the Community

As part of our mission to give back and improve the communities that we serve, Neil Stone’s Karate Academy offers a variety of free community programs. We strive to have our Academy seen as part of the community, and to be part of any community we must give back. Our community assistance program ranges from organizing fundraising events for PTO’s to coordinating demonstrations at fairs and parades. If there is a need that a community member feels that our Academy can support, we will find a way to go above and beyond. Check out the list of past community outreach programs we have supported:

  • Team demonstrations at town fairs
  • Child self-defense seminars
  • Adult self-defense seminars
  • Women self-defense seminars
  • Bully prevention workshop
  • ABC’s of conflict resolution
  • Goal achievement programs
  • Fit for life workshops (Sustainably improving your physical fitness)
  • Girl and Boy scout troop visits
  • PTO/6-Week Fundraisers
  • Food Drive, Blood Drive, Jacket Drives
  • School visit to address topics such as character development, respect, confidence and much more

The community outreach programs listed are just a starting point for our conversations on how Neil Stone’s Karate Academy can partner with you and the organization or group that you support. If you think we can be of service to your community, please reach out using the form below and let us know how we can help you.

Community Outreach Inquiry