Impacting our Community

Neil Stone’s Karate Academy offers a variety of FREE Community Outreach Services to area groups and organizations. We offer classroom and school presentations on bully prevention, focus, responsibility, citizenship and many other topics, and workshops in women’s self-defense, adult safety and protection, and techniques to integrate a martial arts mindset into the corporate world. Our demonstration team performs at dozens of events each year, and our miniature classes and our seminars can be form-fit to any purpose.

Services We Provide

  • Demonstration Team Performance (main or small stage/event, interactive show, 90 seconds to 30 minutes long)
  • Child self-defense workshop
  • Bully prevention workshop
  • Classroom Visits with orientation around character or school-specific values (can be tailored by classroom)
  • Focus, Confidence and Self-Control skills workshops
  • Adult safety awareness seminars and self-defense classes
  • Women’s self-defense seminars
  • ABCs of Conflict Resolution workshops
  • Fit for Life workshops (sustainably improving physical fitness as a lifetime practice)
  • GIRL SCOUT & BOY SCOUT TROOP ACHIEVEMENT: Self Defense training for all ranks in Girl and Boy Scouts troops and packs.
  • Combinations of any of the above services

For any requests not listed above, please inquiry with us for availability

These services are offered to schools, businesses, Chambers of Commerce, events, festivals, libraries, sports teams, private groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, extracurricular organizations, early childhood centers, and many more. To book Mr. Stone, an instructor, or our Demonstration Team, please call our office at 603-672-8933 or fill out the form below.

Community Outreach Inquiry